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Our Results

Commitment to Evaluation and Outcomes

Our Piece of the Pie® (OPP) is committed to demonstrate the effects of staff’s efforts toward participants’ outcome. Since May 1, 2006, OPP has been using the Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) software developed by Social Solutions to manage this impact. This software allows us to design a customizable database for each program and/or organizational need. Using the software, OPP tracks demographics, efforts, process, and outcome data. OPP analyzes data and information by program, and youth participants in each service area which allows for elaborate and detailed orient reporting.

Each Program within OPP provides different services to youth participants leading to unique experiences, activities and outcomes. A few years ago OPP underwent a strategic planning process which led to the focus of two primary outcomes objectives:
1.) We support youth to graduate from a two or four year college and/or vocational certification.
2.)  We support youth with obtaining gainful fulltime employment.
Each program is then required to identify and develop program specific intermediate goals which support and leads to these two primary OPP outcome objectives.

The Quality Assurance Director assists each program with the use of indicators to measure progress towards these outcomes. The Director supports each program with all data collection and outcome activities. The QA Director serves as the primary resource for programs regarding training and utilization of ETO. Over 60 staff, in five programs has been trained for effective data collection and entry technique, specific to their program goals and objectives.

Our Piece of the Pie is committed to collect data and information within all of its programming to determine progress towards reaching the organization’s outcomes as well as measuring program effectiveness through internal and external evaluation activities.

Outcomes 2016

In FY16, OPP served 1610 youth across Connecticut with 637 in our Hartford community-based programming (where Charles Nelson Robinson Fund monies were used). Our Hartford community-based youth are improving academics: 51 youth received high school diplomas (or equivalent); and 95 earned a vocational certification while 3 earned a two-year college degree and 7 earned a four-year college degree. Additionally, youth accessed tutoring, homework help, participated in financial aid workshops (including the FAFSA), received application essay assistance, and did college tours. Employment skills improved as well with 120 youth completing Career Competency Development Training; 67 obtaining employment; 92 placed in an internship; and 65 youth maintaining employment for one year. 110 of our younger youth (ages 14-17) participated in our Youth Business program demonstrating pre-employment business skills, knowledge of a business plan and completing an entrepreneurial project.

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